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Elementary school tours are scheduled for week of Jan. 26 for Montclair Public Schools District

Dear Readers,

Heads up to parents of incoming Kindergarten students or parents of elementary students seeking to find info on upcoming school tours—-please take note:

The district has moved the tours (from their previously usual time in March) to the week of Jan 26. Please help spread the word as we have not seen or received any district communication or seen any press on this. In years past, its always been advertised with plenty of notice to parents.

To read more about this, please see this blog post from Sarah Tepper Blaine:

And here’s the district calendar for dates and times of tours starting 1/26/15:

Please forward this to anyone who might need to know about the upcoming tours.


Montclair Voices

The people speak up!


Made in June 2013 after a BOE meeting in which parents, students, and community spoke up against the Strategic Plan and high stakes testing. The BOE voted to approve the plan.


Dear Readers,

WOW! Last night’s Montclair Board of Education meeting (11/17/2014) proved that more and more parents
and community members are becoming aware of  the destructive policies being implemented by the NJDOE, Superintendent, and BOE.

Friends, people are experiencing the damage and harm it is causing our students, teachers, and schools in general. Lost learning time is only one of many things sacrificed to test prep for PARCC.

There was a terrific turn out, especially for a cold, rainy Monday night.
One after another,  passionate, caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful  community members stood up to publicly call on our Superintendent and BOE to pay attention, to listen, and to hear the community’s dissatisfaction with the status quo.

One by one, speakers took to the mic to express outrage, concerns, make statements, and ask questions. This is our town, our school district, and we will continue to stand up and speak out for OUR children.

While we’re busy unpacking all that transpired last night, we want to
thank district parent and blogger, Sarah Tepper Blaine from parentingthecore for sharing her comments made at the BOE meeting last night (11/17/14) on our Facebook page and we’re happy to share them here as well. Please read her post and share it with friends, neighbors, and fellow parents.

For anyone else who was in attendance last night, please keep your statements coming in to us here at montclairvoices@gmail.com. We want to post more comments so more people can read and find out what’s going on in our district!

Together we can make a difference.

Thanks for all you’re doing!

All of us at Montclair Voices