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Student voices: I Am Not a Test Score. I Am Not Standard.

Dear Friends,

On this snowy snow day in Montclair, NJ, we share the voices of students in a video and a drawing. Both illustrate so eloquently that a picture (moving or still) is often worth a thousand words. And that, it is far past time that our students in this country need to be heard. We implore all education leaders to listen to the brave, talented, and strong students who are fighting for their educational lives and lives themselves. Who are struggling to be heard and sitting in and walking out and painting and drawing and filming and dancing; expressing how the current educational system is hurting their lives and that their pleas, protests, statements, actions — their  mission must be put front and center in this struggle to reclaim public education. It  is imperative that our leaders acknowledge and listen to the students who speak truth and for whom we must continue.


From proud art student, Noah Farjani, who attends Montclair’s Glenfield middle school for its amazing art program:


By Noah Farjani


And this video, less than a minute long, made by middle school students in Albuquerque, and speaking volumes of truth, It is credited to Washington Filmkids ABQ:

When will our leaders and government and BOE members listen to the voices of our community here? When will they listen to our students in Montclair or  Newark or Albuquerque?

Our students. Our schools.

We are grateful for all the students who stand up and speak their truth.
Who create art.
Who inspire and give hope.

Stay warm and safe,

Montclair Voices




Journey for Justice in DC happening now-livestream !

Please tune in to this now if you can!

This message was from earlier today–however,

this event is happening now still and is live streaming.

Please watch and share!

Thank you.


Journey for Justice



*ESEA Reauthorization and the Broken Promise of School Privatization*
*Wednesday, March 4th, 1pm-3pm*
*National Press Club*
*529 14th Street NW*

Live stream:

Hear from grassroots leaders, parents and students from around the country
as well as educators and education experts on the rhetoric of the school
privatization movement, the reality of its’ impact and the community driven
remedies to save public education in the United States! We appeal to
lawmakers, do not destroy ESEA and many of the civil rights protections it
provided. Do not use ESEA to fuel failed, top-down mediocre corporate
education interventions and to President Obama; we appeal to you as a
former community organizer to hear our voices! Do not be the President
that presides over the destruction of Title I, strong neighborhoods schools
and other supports from ESEA constructed by the blood, sweat and tears of
our parents and grandparents! Don’t miss it!
Lets push this out! Remember, #equityinesea

In struggle